Patent Law in India

Sep 252023
Ketana Babaria Ketana Babaria

The Latin verb "patere”, which in English means "to lay open" is where the word "patent" originates. A patent is a privilege granted to the inventor to stop others from creating, using, or selling their invention for a specific period of time. Patents can also be obtained for further development of its original concept. The main reason for supporting patent legislation is to encourage inventors to contribute more to their field by giving their ideas Continue reading...

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What is the role of a patent attorney?

Sep 122023
Ketana Babaria Ketana Babaria

Effective patent writing involves a special mix of science, law, and language. A scientific background is necessary for a patent attorney's job in order to fully understand new technologies and communicate them to others. A member of the specialised legal profession known as a "patent attorney" is qualified to advise clients on patents (and typically other intellectual property rights) and to help them obtain patents from patent offices all around the world. Similar to lawyers, Continue reading...

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What Are the Objectives of Patent Law?

Mar 232023
Ketana Babaria Ketana Babaria

Patent law serves the vital purpose of promoting innovation and economic growth while also helping to protect creations from unfair infringement. If you're new to patent law, or you’ve been paying close attention but still have questions about its goals and objectives, this post is for you! Here we'll explore what a patent is, the objectives of patent law, and why it's so essential in today’s age of technology and intellectual property. What is patent Continue reading...

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Benefits of Pharmaceutical Patent Attorney

Dec 142020
Ketana Babaria Ketana Babaria

Patents have become an important part of any business whether it is India, the USA or in any other part of the world. Taking Intellectual Property rights such as Patents on your invention gives you satisfaction that your invention cannot be stolen and you are able to focus on other important aspects of your business. Taking patents is a long and tough procedure which requires a lot of time, effort and money but everything is Continue reading...

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Why is patent search crucial?

Nov 172020
Ketana Babaria Ketana Babaria

Patenting is one of the most important and widely adopted Intellectual Property rights in the market these days. Patent is done so that nobody, an individual or a business can use your invention in an unauthorised manner without your permission. Imagine how much time, money and efforts it requires for you to invent something and how painful it will be if somebody just comes and uses your invention without your consent. In order to avoid Continue reading...

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Which authority grants patent rights?

Nov 092020
Ketana Babaria Ketana Babaria

Patent is one of the four types of Intellectual Property rights that lets you take legal and lawful rights on your invention through a process after which nobody in India and across the world (if you have taken an international patent) can use your invention without your consent. Obtaining a patent on your invention has many benefits and this is the reason every business applies for the patent as soon as they realise that they Continue reading...

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What is a patent and what is its importance

Oct 192020
Ketana Babaria Ketana Babaria

Patent is something which has been in place since several years but has started to gain more acceptance and popularity since the last few years. Since the cases of infringements have grown tremendously in India, even the small and mid-sized businesses have started considering patents to save and protect their ideas. The procedure of applying for patents has gotten simpler with time which is the reason more and more people want to take it. Patent Continue reading...

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Intellectual Property Theft

Oct 062020
Ketana Babaria Ketana Babaria

Obtaining Intellectual Property rights on the inventions have gained a lot of demand in India since the last few years as people have started to realise the importance of their time, money and efforts involved in the inventions they have been doing. It would feel absolutely disgusting and demotivating if somebody uses your invention for their benefit without your knowledge and take away all the credits. Intellectual property rights save your inventions from getting misused Continue reading...

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Purpose of filing a patent

Sep 292020
Ketana Babaria Ketana Babaria

When it comes to already established businesses, they are equally or rather more concerned for protecting their ideas. They already have a name in the market and customers and investors recognise them from their brand names. Hence, they just cannot take any risk with their existing business which is run on their innovative ideas. Since they are financially stable, they have absolutely no problems in paying the fees to the Patent Attorney in India and Continue reading...

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Fast-track appeals for patents

Sep 072020
Ketana Babaria Ketana Babaria

Applying for a patent is really a long process which involves considerable time, effort and money. There are a lot of infringements happening in India and across the world on a daily basis where patent owners file for infringements and demand attorney fee while the accused infringers put forward their defence. When you appeal for an infringement, the Patent Attorney in India goes through the application carefully and decides whether the appeal has to be Continue reading...

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