About us - Babaria IP & Co

Babaria IP, is a professionally managed premier law firm with a clearly defined mission and effective working principles.

Specialized services in the field of intellectual property rights, market research, project management.

Firm is established in 2005 in the field of patent named patent–aid based at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, now expanding to practice in all IP area.

Our legal practices include all IP matters, with wider specialty in filing, registering, and prosecuting Patents, Trade Marks, Industrial Designs, and Copyrights including renewals, licensing and enforcement.

Our mission is to enhance the customer satisfaction through understanding the requirements and expectations of our clients, their business, concerns, and goals. We believe in result oriented work and building and maintaining long term relationship with our global clients in India & across the globe.

Our expertise is deep understanding, distinguished by the ability to work on inventions, to understand different business needs, to harness technology, to be at once creative and practical, and to carry out efficiently even the most complex projects provide high quality services for our domestic as well as international clients at affordable price, which suit the client’s needs and budgets

We aim to establish and maintain a personal relationship, helping our clients to both avoid and solve problems. Confidentiality is a keystone in terms of our relationship with clients.Providing our brand services to all the top most corporate giant companies in India as well as international & also with our quality services and methodology now in focus throughout the world.

We have clients and we offer services in Ahmadabad, Rajkot, Baroda. We have tie-up with patent and trademark law firms in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

The firm has owned office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India & 20+ Years of Experience with 250+ Filed Patents.

Management Team

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals including.

  • Lawyers, Intellectual property experts, technical experts
  • Engineers, Pharma experts , TM experts, Patent agents, Lawyers with experience of IP litigations
  • Professionals from diverse technology expertise
  • All members are having vast experience in IPR environment with rich technical knowledge
  • Information technology consultants, who have expertise and experience in solving all the types of legal issues and cases.

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