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Copyright is major form of intellectual property. Copyright stands the owner with a safeguard to ensure the intellectual work is protected and creativity is rewarded which includes right of reproduction, communication to the public, adaptation and translation of the work. In India, Copyrights are registered under The Copyright Act, 1957 protecting original literary, dramatic, musical and the work done by artistic and cinematograph films and sound recordings from unauthorized users but copyright cannot be held for ideas, procedures, and methods of operation or mathematical concepts. A registered Copyright is done throughout India.

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Advantages Of Copyright Registration

In school or college days teachers always scold us for copying answer from other’s notebook. If somebody copies our answer and scored better result than us then we really undergo depression. Piracy is increasing day by day. So, applying for copyright protection is mandatory.

  • Through copyright registration the owner gets a public record of ownership by copyright holder.
  • Copyright protection agency helps the owner to take the legal action against the infringement in the court.
  • If the copyright is done within a short time span from the date of publication, then it validates for certificate of copyright by showing certain facts.
  • Copyright protection makes creators frequently be rewarded for its originality and venture.
  • Copyright protection provides a very important motivation for the creation of several intellectual works
  • Copyright is for use, reuse and reproduce the copies and can sell the copies of the work.
  • Copyright protection deal in the imports or exports of whole or part of the work.
  • Copyright work can be liberated to create any derivative work.
  • Copyright protection can openly exhibit his work.
  • One can sell or pass on the rights of the work to the other person with copyright protection.
  • Copyright protection can deal in transmitting or the display of work by radio or video.

Requirements and Procedure for Copyright Registration

Copyright Filing and Registration

  • Copyright need not to be registered but it is advisable to register due to issue of infringement and there are several things are require in India for copyright registration
  • Two copies of the work to be protected under copyright registration
  • The name, address and nationality of the applicant
  • Title of the work.
  • The application should be by applicant or the advocate.

Handling Copyright Objections

If you find your data has been copyright then you need to claim infringement by following copyright law. The copyright law helps to give the protection against the open source of application.

Copyright Opinions and Reports

There are several areas covered in copyright and that are literary, dramatic, musical, artistic works, producers of cinematograph films and sound recording.

Content Protection and Management

The Copyright owner has right to reproduce the work, issue copies, perform work, and sell or offer the sale.

Copyright Clearance

Copyright Clearance provides an agreements with rights holders, academic publishers and performs like an agent in arranging collective licensing for institutions and one-time licensing for document delivery services and other access and uses of texts.

Copyright Contract Review, Drafting and Negotiation

The copyright contract is initially drafted and reviewed prior to signing.

Copyright Licensing/Transfers

When the person gets the right of copyright, then he has full right to issue his license to anyone on monetary basis.

Copyright Enforcement

The creator of the work is the final owner.

Copyright Risk Assessment

The risk occurs if the registration of copyright is not done.

Copyright Registration and Prosecution

As there are many cases of infringement, copyright need to be registered anyhow. There is a need of copyright certificate issued.


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Filing the Application

There are four steps to fill the application of Corporate registration. First thing short explain your story then next step is to navigate the form fill the form and then send the form to the respective team.

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After application is field, it's time for examination in which application is recorded and analysed which take maximum of 30 days.



Registration depend upon the registrar, in which after every objection and recording is analysed and finalize from the registrar end. Finally that application received copyright and then you can use all the rights that comes under the owner of copyright and you can write © with your copy name

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