Intellectual Property Litigation

Babaria uniquely handle cases involving all types of IP claims, combination with related claims of antitrust, contract disputes, unfair business practices and other causes of action. Strong patents, trademarks and copyrights provide substantial incentive for competitors to avoid appropriating innovations, brands and content. Litigation helps us to protect all intangible properties trademark, patent, copyright, design. Litigation is long process and it consumes lots of time. To avoid this it starts with sending notice to the infringer.

We have clients and we offer services in Ahmadabad, Rajkot, Baroda. We have tie-up with patent and trademark registration firms in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

Patent litigation can be lengthy and expensive!

When a patent which is owned by inventor, business or other entity is infringed, a lawsuit is filed to impose the rights of inventor and this process is called Patent litigation. To cut this lengthy and expensive process short, various other options like settlement are possible.

Types for litigation

Patent Litigation

Patent Infringement litigation of a patent consists of a unique and creative approach towards attorneys with technical knowledge in every field. In case of infringement suit, the defendant may raise the question for the validity of the patent and will be decided by the court. Language of the claims of the patent determine the infringement but if defendant does not fall within the language then there the case will get affected.

Trademark Litigation

Trademark litigators represent both plaintiffs and defendants in trademark where defendant may challenge the ownership or validity of a trademark registration at the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB). This is less technical than patent litigation.

Copyright Litigation

Copyright is a given by the law to creators of literary, graphic designer, dramatic, software, musical and artistic works and producers of cinematograph films and sound recordings. Babaria handles all types of copyright infringement disputes.

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