What is the role of a patent attorney?

Sep 122023
Ketana Babaria

Effective patent writing involves a special mix of science, law, and language. A scientific background is necessary for a patent attorney's job in order to fully understand new technologies and communicate them to others. A member of the specialised legal profession known as a "patent attorney" is qualified to advise clients on patents (and typically other intellectual property rights) and to help them obtain patents from patent offices all around the world. Similar to lawyers, Continue reading...

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Things You Should Know About Medical Device Patents

May 242023
Ketana Babaria Ketana Babaria

Modern medical technology is constantly working to create better treatment, better diagnostics, and develop self-help tools for patients. Due to the widespread usage of home healthcare to treat themselves while remaining comfortable in their homes during the pandemic, the market for medical devices has experienced tremendous development. The Indian Brand Equity Foundation's analysis projects that the market for medical equipment will increase by $50 billion by 2025. The development of innovative products that can aid Continue reading...

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A Brief History of the Patent System in India

Apr 252023
Ketana Babaria Ketana Babaria

Throughout its history, India's patent system has undergone many changes and greatly impacted both innovation and economic development. This blog post will give you an overview of how the patent system evolved from its inception to the modern day and outline some essential changes which have taken place since then, allowing us to better understand why it remains one of the most important intellectual property laws protecting inventions in recent times. Patent attorneys in India Continue reading...

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Patent Laws in India : Basics You Must Know

Mar 292023
Ketana Babaria Ketana Babaria

Navigating the world of patent laws in India can be daunting for any business owner, especially with so much information to take on board. With the rise of intellectual property protection across different industries, it has become increasingly important to understand how this affects you and your operations. In this blog post, we’ll give you everything you need to know about Indian patents – from filing processes and potential fees involved to tips on navigating Continue reading...

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What Are the Objectives of Patent Law?

Mar 232023
Ketana Babaria Ketana Babaria

Patent law serves the vital purpose of promoting innovation and economic growth while also helping to protect creations from unfair infringement. If you're new to patent law, or you’ve been paying close attention but still have questions about its goals and objectives, this post is for you! Here we'll explore what a patent is, the objectives of patent law, and why it's so essential in today’s age of technology and intellectual property. What is patent Continue reading...

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