The Importance of Trademark Registration

Oct 092023
The Importance of Trademark Registration

A trademark is a category of intellectual property that consists of a recognisable symbol, pattern, or phrase that sets one source’s goods or services apart from those of other sources. Service marks or brand names are commonly used to describe services. Any person, company, or other legal body may be the owner of a trademark. A trademark may be found on a product’s packaging, label, voucher, or firm property. In other words, trademarks are used to designate a particular entity as the provider of products or services. You must make an appointment with the Intellectual property lawyer India in order to take the trademark registration for your goods or services.
Trademark registration is extremely important to protect intellectual property rights of goods and service and we will discuss its importance in this article in detail.

Importance of Trademark registration

You must register your trademark if you want your business, brand, goods, or services to stand out from the competition. The necessity to rebrand is eliminated when you register your trademark to prevent market impersonation of your goods or services. Furthermore, if you wish to safeguard your rights and protect your intellectual property, trademark registration in India is necessary. Everyone who wants to start their own business should be aware of the many benefits that come with trademark registration.

Exclusive Rights

For all goods that come under the applied class(es), the owner has the sole right to utilise the same. Additionally, the owner is the sole owner of the trademark and has the right to enjoin others from using it in the same class as that for which it is registered. It gives the owner of the trademark the ability to sue anyone using it without authorization.
In other words, the trademark is the property of its owner, who has the right to forbid others from using it in the class(es) for which it has been registered. Additionally, it grants the owner the right to pursue legal action for any unauthorised violation.

Global validity

Don’t worry if you want to expand outside of India or just register a trademark elsewhere; a trademark that has previously been registered in India might be a great starting point for acquiring recognition abroad. A trademark that has already been registered in India may be utilised as the foundation for registration in another nation due to the accrued goodwill. In other words, a trademark that is registered in India and has gained local reputation might serve as a strong foundation.

Acts like a protective shield

Each and every business must take important steps to safeguard their brand from competitors. A person loses the right to stop others from using the trademark they have been working so hard to create as well as business and goodwill in the market if it has already been registered by someone else. Protecting the trademark will therefore safeguard the company, thereby assisting the individual by preventing others from utilising a similar trademark.

Creates asset

In a company’s balance sheet, the registration of a trademark results in the creation of an intangible asset called intellectual property, which offers all the advantages associated with such assets. Like any other created right, a registered trademark can be bought, sold, assigned, franchised, or entered into a business contract. It can even be used as collateral to secure a loan. An important asset that immediately builds goodwill for a corporation, brand, or business is a registered trademark. We are all aware that a consumer’s decision to buy a good or service is significantly influenced by the worth and reputation of a trademark.

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