Paralegal Services in Intellectual Property

Oct 012019
Paralegal Services in Intellectual Property

If you are unheard of the term ‘Intellectual Property’, let us simply understand it as an intangible property that a person creates which lawfully belongs to them. From trademarks to copyrights and patents, there are many things, which are covered under IP protection. Intellectual Property is huge and covers many aspects of protecting one’s properties. Whenever a person or a business files a patent on a particular work whether individually or through a competent Attorney General in India, the work of the Intellectual Property starts and takes many processes until the person is granted the right on his work lawfully.

When we talk about Paralegal services in Intellectual Property, their job is to work with clients who have filed a patent, a copyright, or a trademark and help them to achieve the rights none their inventions while completing all the legal formalities involved in the process.


How to Become an IP Paralegal

If A person Wishes to become an IP paralegal he much have necessary skills and experience which are like the professionals working in an IP field. IP includes much stuff such as scientific, mechanical, and technological concepts, inventions, and processes, a fundamental knowledge of science, mechanics, and technology that can be useful in helping patent or litigation for customers.


Work of Paralegal Services

Right from receiving the patent application, the work of the Paralegal Services starts. Their job continues until the end and they ensure that the client goes through a hassle-free process and gets what he has applied for. Intellectual Property Paralegal Services work with Law offices, government agencies and institutions providing services to their clients in the best possible ways. Some of the things that are taken care by the Paralegal services are


  • Processing the Patent Applications

Filing a patent is a very common form of Intellectual Property rights that are being taken not only by small firms, but by bigger and established firms as well. Patent filing gives you a complete right on your invention thus preventing its misuse by another person or a company ensuring the protection of your ideas. A thorough research is required before granting a patent for a particular invention and that is taken care of by the Paralegal Services. Apart from the normal search, a separate research is also conducted to make sure that the person does not apply for a patent on something that has already been patented before which is also taken care by the Paralegal Services.


  • Litigation process

The job of paralegal Services is not only to help the client in the granting of Intellectual Property rights, its work is also to look after into infringements of the laws. The Paralegal service makes sure that the infringement cases are put forth before the court of law well in time and the person guilty is penalized lawfully. From going through the case studies, to assisting the Patent Attorney in India, Paralegal services take care of everything from start to finish. It happens many times, that the service committee sits in the infringement proceedings and takes notes that are very useful for further proceedings


  • Processing the copyright applications

Clients filing the copyrights are given proper and legal guidance from the Paralegal Services, which helps the clients to take proper actions to minimize their costs and efforts involved in the process. Copyrights are filed on a regular basis these days and managing them efficiently is quite a task. Team of Paralegal services manages it well and helps the clients in filling of the online application forms and completing other formalities before they appear in front of the copyright office for hearings and discussions. After the copyright is filed, the status of the application is tracked and the record is maintained on behalf of the clients till they are granted their copyrights and the process is accomplished.


  • Research for Intellectual Property

As discussed earlier, the duty of the paralegal Services is not only to assist clients with the legal formalities, but also to make sure that everything is going well even after the patent or copyright is granted. After the process is over and the client is granted the rights he has applied for, the research starts. Paralegal Services does a proper research and make sure that somebody else has not taken the rights that have been granted to the client already. Although, the patent attorney does this research before issuing the rights but that is on a different level. A paralegal service does a deep research and on a broader level to ensure everything is perfect for client. They are also present in the judicial hearings in the court to make case studies and give their valuable inputs on the same.


Advantages of Paralegal Services

Paralegal Services have proved to be vital in granting Intellectual Property rights to the clients and there several benefits of it, which is the reason, it has gained a lot of popularity recently. Some of the major advantages are listed below.


  • Involvement of the experts

Unlike few other processes, experts are involved in Paralegal Services, which makes the whole process robust as well as trustworthy for the clients. Starting from the very first stage of the patent filing process, you are guided by a team of expert’s steps by steps so that you do not face any hindrance in between the process. You are assisted even after you have been granted the patent

  • Through Research


It is only because of the experts involved in the process, a panel of experts does a thorough research, which is very beneficial to the client. This ensures that nobody has taken the patent already for the invention; the client has taken a patent on. This saves cost, money and time of the client which is very important for any business whether it is a startup or an already established firm. 

  • Detailed analysis


As discussed earlier, there are many formalities involved in the patent filing process and the involvement of a large number of documents make the process more complicated. Even a single error in filling up of forms might delay the whole process and prove to be a major setback for the client. This is the reason; a detailed analysis of the submitted documents is done by the Paralegal Services making sure they are up-to-date before they are presented for further processing.

  • Date management


One of the most important things in the patent filing process is the different dates, which occur from time to time, and requires the presence of the client so that the further processing can be done without any hiccups. Paralegal Services make sure that the client does not miss any important date by reminding them time-to-time about all the important dates in the future. In this way, the client remains free of worries regarding dates and can concentrate on other important aspects of his business.

  • Top notch service


Paralegal Services ensure guarantee top-notch services to their clients with utmost accuracy and precision, which makes them trustworthy, reliable, and are considered as favorites when it comes to taking Intellectual Property protection.

Paralegal Services have proved themselves repeatedly in the industry and there is absolutely no doubt in their caliber. They make the work of their clients easy, which saves time and money. In addition, the intricacies involved in the whole process is resolved to an extent making is simple and quick.

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