How to protect and acknowledge Intellectual Property Rights

Aug 242020
intellectual property protecion

Intellectual Property has gained its popularity in recent times in India while it was there across the world since quite a long time. When businesses started witnessing infringement cases on a regular basis, they finally realised the importance of attaining Intellectual Property Rights and decided to protect their valuable ideas, inventions and artistic pieces and literature works. Taking rights on the Intellectual Property gives the owner the right to go to court, if he thinks that somebody else, a person or a business has stolen his idea or an invention. Patent Attorney in India is responsible for granting patents or any other intellectual property rights to the applicant after carefully examining the applications and interviewing the applicant if required.

Importance of Intellectual Property

Taking Intellectual Property rights is a process where you protect your inventions, artistic works, images, music or any other work which you have created. In other words, you file a patent for your invention to protect it from unauthorised access and usage. In the initial days of your business, you spend so much time thinking about an idea that you think will change your life. In order to put that idea into practice, you spend money and make the best of your efforts as you know that you are building your future. 

With so much time, money and effort involved in the whole process, you would never want somebody to simply come, steal your invention and simply use it for their business. This would be the last thing you would want as a start-up as that will not only hamper your business financially, but also demoralise you mentally. When you file for a patent or a trademark, you feel secured from inside and are able to concentrate on other important aspects of your business. 

If your business is protected with Intellectual Property rights, other businesses who want to invest in you feel confident and secured as they know that your business is full proof. If your idea is IP protected, you can always monetise it in several ways and earn money by filing an infringement case on the business that tried stealing your idea.

How to protect Intellectual Property

Attaining intellectual property is not an easy process and requires a considerable amount of money, time and effort. If somebody steals your idea or invention, it becomes harder to trace them and becomes almost impossible to get the stolen data back. So, it is extremely important to keep your IP rights safe after you have taken it.

  • It is extremely important for all your employees to know what Intellectual Property does your company actually has. This will help them to know what exactly they need to protect
  • You and all your employees must be very well aware of where your intellectual Property is present. It might be a hard drive, printer or scanners 
  • Your employees must know the importance of intellectual property so that they leave no stone unturned to protect it
  • Each and every intellectual property you own must be properly labelled so that they can be distinguished later when required
  • Always ensure that your intellectual property is secured physically and digitally as well for double protection
  • Go for data protection tools in order to protect the intellectual property documents

Types of Intellectual Property rights and their protection

You need to secure one or more of the four Intellectual Property available so that nobody can steal your valuable idea or inventions. Below are the four types of Intellectual Property rights and their scope of protection

  1. Trade Secrets- Trade secret is an important or a valuable information which is not known to the public and has been kept secret by the owner by taking necessary steps.
  2. Trademarks– The name of the product which is associated with the service you provide or the product you sell is called a trademark. A trademark protects your brand and gives you a sense of satisfaction that nobody else can steal your brand idea.
  3. Copyrights– Copyright protects original work of authorship which is either written in a piece of paper or saved in an electronic format in a hard drive. The copyright law allows you to demand attorney fees from the infringers.
  4. Patents– Patents are the most common type of Intellectual Property rights that are being taken worldwide and protects your invention. Utility and Design patent are the two types of patents available and can be taken as per requirement.
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