We provide following services in patent search, registration and litigation

  • Drafting provisional & complete patent specifications for India and overseas
  • Filing and prosecuting applications at the Indian Patent Office and under the PCT
  • Filing and prosecuting applications internationally in co-operation with our foreign associates
  • Comprehensive patent searching with analysis & legal opinion in the field of science and technology like pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical:
    • Prior art search and analysis
    • Patentability check
    • Patent landscaping
    • Freedom to operate / practice (FTO)
    • Invalidation
    • Litigation support
    • Technology maps
  • Patent Litigation
    • Oppositions
      • Pre grant & post grant
      • Observation submissions
      • Ex parte and inter partes proceedings
    • Infringement actions (Prosecution & Defence)
    • Invalidation/revocation proceedings at the Appellate Board
    • Appeals (at the IPAB and in various Courts)
  • Patent illustration and  drafting
  • Journal watch services
  • Post registration services such as renewals and filing statement of working
  • Licensing and transfer of technology
  • Patent Monitoring and Competitor Tracking

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