The launch of the Rs 251 smart phone by Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd. has raised a lot of questions regarding the product, pricing intellectual property concern. The company incorporated in September, 2015 by Amity University graduate Mohit Kumar Goel, has certainly made waves in the Smartphone market. The questions however that needs to be answered primarily is – how is the company able to price the phones at this rate given that a medium pizza costs more than the said phone.

FREEDOM 251-according to a report, is found to be violating Apple’s Copyright all the icons of the built-in app seem to be complete rip-offs of Apple’s Copyright protected IOS icons. Freedom 251’s design is unoriginal and that the company has not taken appropriate licenses other companies unless there is a court order prohibiting a company from making a product that infringes IP of third parties, nothing stops a company from launching an infringing product.

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